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Helping you with your future career - what we've been up to

We've been working hard over the past 6-months to improve our work on employability to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some things we’ve been up to:

1. Set aside £5,000 to support student success through training.

We saw students develop assured, self-confident public speaking, clear project management skills from planning to delivery & high impact presentation! 

2. Launched Students' Union Essential Skills

We launched our “Students' Union Essential Skills” brand of events to tie together all employable skills training.

3. Research

We had our Students' Union Officers collaborate with City to support the “Graduate Outcomes” research, which has informed our future offering for student training.

4. Students' Union Careers Fair

We collaborated with our Careers Department to deliver our first ever SU Careers Fair, with Tata Consultancy, UniTemps & our Micro-Placement Team, resulting in a surge of sign ups.

5. Micro-Placement Programme

We assisted in delivering 450 interviews for candidates throughout the Micro-Placement Programme with the GradCore Team. All 22 of our SU Micro-Placements had at least 1 expression of interest and have all of them have been successfully applied for, meaning City Students Union will take in 22 students for June & July!

6, Networking collaborations

We worked with our Women In Law Society to curate a Cross Women’s Social, promoting strong networking and community skills.

7. Employability Sessions

We delivered 3 employability sessions, seeing over 15 students setting themselves apart for graduate recruitment.

8. Professional LGBTQIA+ support

We worked with an external LGBTQIA+ consultant to support student development from that community in the workplace, with a trilogy of one-hour workshops. We also provided LGBTQIA+ Training to our Student Council on effective allyship, to ensure our democratic systems are aware of underrepresented communities.

9. National Careers’ Week

We collaborated with City Careers & Employability to deliver our first ever National Careers Week! With photo competitions, workshops, and skills focused sessions, students developed skills from the five following areas: Communication, Strategic Thinking, Adaptability, Resilience & Entrepreneurship! We had the aim of improving our participants employability and chances of securing that first graduate role!

10. Highlighting transferable skills in this year’s Elections

We’re incorporating our Employability skills into your Election Campaign Materials, to ensure all candidates can utilise their skillsets effectively.

11. Bespoke employability sessions

We’re putting together bespoke sessions with our Academic Communities to sharpen their industry knowledge and help them springboard into careers.