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Exceptionalism at City!

We are fast coming toward the end of the academic year and there were a few student this year that we thought we could highlight all their incredible work they’ve done in order to enhance the student experience at City.

Shaima Dallali (City Students’ Union Student of the Year)

Shaima this year has been an exceptional student volunteer, from her Presidency of the Palestinian Society to the countless events she has put on and worked with the Students’ Union to host. She has also worked extremely hard to develop the lives of so many students at City by helping empowering them. She was also elected as the National Union of Students' Delegate representing City nationally at the National Union of Students' Conference. There is no doubt the positive impact Shaima has had on the enhancement of City Students will be felt for years to come! 



Ali Yasen (City Students’ Union Council Chair)

Ali Yasen’s commitment to City really pre-dates this year, having been a programme representative for his course for three years before, informing the school on how to improve the lives of the students he represented. As the Students’ Union Council Chair he was elected to hold the officer to account did so with such quality ensuring the SU executive team worked to its fullest. He also hosted the Optometry Society’s most successful eyeball working extremely hard and reaching out to find sponsors!

Left to Right (Malek Arab, Olesea Matcovschi, Ali Yasen and Zulkaif Riaz)

Abdul Khokhar (SMCSE Councillor)

Abdul is exceptional student who worked hard to ensure his students and his cohort had their voices heard on every level at City University. He has consistently given up his time and come to help his cohort achieve the best it possibly can! You haven’t heard the end of Abdul as he’ll be back next year as the School Representative officer of the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering having won one of the largest election victories at City SU.

Tuna Kunt (Law Society President)

Tuna has this year been one of the most committed Student’s at City University, leading one of the largest and most successful societies, she was instrumental in helping develop the society and countless students alike. Her commitment to the lives of City Students’ is unwavering and she shall be the incoming Vice-President Education!


Simon Herland-Figenschau (Check Mate Society President)

Having been a Programme Representative for over two years Simon continues to represent City and Cass nationally and internationally, having helped raised over £25,000 as part of a team for the charity Dig Deep which provides clean water and sanitation facilities in East African. His commitment doesn't end there, as the founder and current President of the Check Mate Society!

Ricky Emery (Pro Bono Society Finance office)

As the Finance Officer for the Pro Bono Society and incoming Law School Representative Officer, Ricky has gone from strength to strength. From planning the Pro Bono Society's first ever masquerade ball, to working to make it City Students' Union largest society, Ricky has shown along with Martin Wilson (President of the Pro Bono Society) that hard work does pay off!

2017/18 was a hugely successful year for City Students' Union with huge strides in a positive direction, thanks to the hard work of many student volunteers, however it doesn't end there yet, with 2018/19 holding ever better and new success and many more exciting experiences!



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