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Food Survey 2017 - The Results!

Between November 2016 and January 2017, the Students’ Union ran a Food Survey Campaign in order to gather student feedback on the catering offer on campus. Over 500 students completed the survey and we picked out 4 winners to receive one of our prizes which included a £100 Amazon Voucher, NUS Extra Card and food & drink vouchers.

Once we had collected the data, we analysed it to identify key trends and to create recommendations for improvement based on the feedback. We produced a Food Survey report, which you can download here;

We created 9 recommendations which we then put forward to the University and its catering partners, Sodexo in July 2017. The recommendations are below;




Increase the range of food on campus, especially at EatCity.  This should include less daily repetition.


Ensure that there are a number of £4 or less meal options across the campus.


Introduce more visible signage of Kosher and Halal foods (with certificates present).


Introduce more visible signage of allergy information in food.


Introduce more meals, food and beverages that are allergy sensitive such as dairy-free foods, gluten-free foods, etc.


Introduce more Vegan options of food.


Introduce more Vegetarian options that are healthier to students.


Examine the practice carried out when preparing Vegetarian/Vegan foods such as the use of parmesan cheese (considered not Vegetarian/Vegan), and the meat used for Halal and Kosher foods.


Introduce more healthy meats/food such as grilled meats and fish rather than a heavy reliance on fried chicken and pizza

We have engaged with Sodexo over the last month to identify the changes that have been made following the publication of the Food Survey Report. They have directly responded to all of the recommendations made.

You can read Sodexo’s response here.

We would like to thank the University, for facilitating our survey and supporting its distribution, and Sodexo for supporting and engaging with the Union in an objective and collaborative way and for regarding this student feedback with importance.

If you have any further comments or issues with catering on campus, we still want to hear from you! Please get in touch with me and I will raise the concerns with Sodexo and the University.

Olesea Matcovschi



[Update: In addition, Sodexo has recently been awarded a three star accreditation in the Sustainable Restaurant Association, for their work on making sustainable changes. See their certificate here]