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What have past officers done?

With the Elections here, check out what past officers have done to make change at City.  


Your elected officers can create REAL change.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what some of our full-time and part-time officers have achieved:

Tuna Kunt, current President 2019/20 – obtained a BRAND NEW common room/ student space for City students, located next to the Courtyard Café as well as an additional £65k to refurbish the space!

Edward Armitage, previous Sports Officer 2018/19 – established City’s very first Alumni Sports Tournament. A two-day event where all the current City students in sports teams play their alumni counterparts.

Olesea Matcovschi, previous President 2017/18 – secured refurbishment of the microwave room so students had access to better kitchen facilities.

Zain Ismail, previous Vice President Education 2016/2017 – saved a group of students a total of 210 marks on an assessment which they lost marks on for an error outside of their control.

Rima Amin, previous President 2014/15 – secured one month’s rent compensation for each student resident (approx. £900k in total) at Pure City in Islington over breaches of the National Code of Standards.

Pretty impressive right? Officers make significant change. 


Your Officers are there to represent your needs and wants.

Are there enough social spaces?

Is lecture capture not living up to expectations?

Is there enough mental health support at City?

Do you want better feedback on assignments?

Is food too expensive at City?

Can you relate to any of these questions? Well make the change, nominate yourself now. 




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