Goodbye and Farewell from your officers

As our term ends, we want to reflect on our journey and celebrate the accomplishments we've achieved together.

City Students' Union President 23/24; Akanksha

Akanksha's dedication to her manifesto points has brought about significant positive changes to our campus life.

One of Akanksha's key campaign promises was the introduction of nap pods to support student well-being. Recognizing the need for a space where students can rest and recharge, she tirelessly campaigned for their installation. The nap pods have been approved and will soon be available on campus. This initiative will provide students with a much-needed respite during their busy days.

In addition to promoting well-being, Akanksha has been a strong advocate for celebrating our diverse student body. She played a pivotal role in organising the first-ever South Asian Heritage Week and Holi event at City. This vibrant celebration drew over 450 attendees and showcased the rich cultural heritage of our South Asian students. The event was a resounding success, filled with music, dance, and the joyous spirit of Holi, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity on campus.

City Students' Union Deputy President 23/24; Jackson

Jackson has begun a comprehensive handbook, covering essential information for students, including university facts and recommendations for study and dining spots to improve understanding among students.

He actively worked to improve the student experience by organising enjoyable events and promoting active student societies. Notably, he successfully hosted the first-ever Lunar New Year festival on campus, drawing over 500 attendees. Collaborating closely with the community team within the union, Jackson ensured that student events were better than ever before.

In terms of financial support, Jackson has been working to improve the City Education grant and trying to increase more accessible or alterative bursaries for students such as students of faith.

City Students' Union Deputy President 23/24; Fortune

Fortune, a force in his role as Deputy President, has left a mark on the student community in the last two year. His tireless efforts include advocating for improved payment plans for

international students, launching a highly successful calculator loan scheme, and hosting popular talent shows. Additionally, Fortune secured laptop loans for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. He remains committed to enhancing the university experience, working on initiatives like the hate crime reporting center and pushing for Turnitin to display similarity percentages. His legacy will continue, namely in the continuation of his successful calculator loan scheme next term.

City Students' Union Deputy President 23/24; Yavuz

Yavuz initiated a bike scheme, making cycling more accessible on campus. Additionally, his Bidet Project secured substantial funding (over £100K) for toilet upgrades. Yavuz actively worked to prevent catering prices from increasing and ensured that microwaves are now available in Bayes and Law School buildings. He also collaborated with the communities and events team to establish a £50 start-up fund for student societies. Furthermore, Yavuz’s ongoing project aims to install bidets in City’s toilets, and he successfully negotiated gym membership prices down to £60 per year.


These achievements are a testament to the collective effort of our student body and the unwavering support we've received from all of you. It has been an honor to serve as your officers and to work towards making our university a better place for everyone. We hope that the initiatives we've started will continue to thrive and that future officers will build upon these foundations.

Thank you for your trust, support, and active participation in making our campus a vibrant and inclusive environment. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of our university community.

Best wishes from your outgoing full time officers,

Akanksha, Jackson, Fortune and Yavuz


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