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Hello International Students!

Elections are coming and we would like to strongly encourage you to apply for either a Students Union Officer position or Assembly Member


Here are five excellent reasons for you!

1, Give your career in the UK a head start by learning loads about the culture!

Representing your student peers either as a  Students’ Union Officer or an Assembly Member will provide you with a great amount of experience and exposure to British culture, which can make your CV stand out from the crowd. You’ll have first hand experience in things like problem solving, conflict resolution and leadership which will give you a considerable advantage against those who went straight into employment after their degrees!

2, Work on issues that are important to you as an international student and have the power to influence!

Students’ Union Officers and Assembly Members have a huge say in what’s going on, so you’ll have the power to change things around university through meeting with the university’s senior management team and lobbying on the behalf of students.

3, Work as part of an international and diverse community!

You’ll get to work closely with the students at City as well as with the Union and university leaders, many of who are, like-minded and international people. As a team you’ll be able to learn about a range of student experiences and have a range of support in order to launch your campaigns successfully.

4, Receive Tier 4 Visa extensions, associated health insurance and a nice salary!

International students are a big part of our University and the Union membership so if you’re elected as a Students’ Union Officer, The Union will fund Tier 4 Visa extensions and associated health insurance for you. You’ll also get a great starting salary of over £24K.

Assembly members are also entitled to have reasonable expenses reimbursed under the  completely new democratic system.

5, Work at the Students' Union!

Being part of the team at City Students’ Union means having a whole support system ready and willing to support you in your work. You’ll get to learn all of the transferable skills needed to give you a head start to your career, while working in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our office is also located right in the heart of the City of London, so you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the diverse, culture before you even start your work day!

(Learn more about working at City here.)


So why wait? Apply to be a Students' Union officer today by clicking here!