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Highlights from Student Council - November 2020

Our first Student Council meeting of the year took place last night!

Student Council is the body responsible for holding the elected officers to account, and setting the political direction of our organisation through the writing and approval of student policies. All newly elected Student Councillors and the Student Council Chair attended the meeting and were able to hold the Executive Officer team to account and to debate and vote on motions submitted by students.

Our Student Council team for 2020-21:

Student Council Chair

  • Sajid Ikram Siddiqui

School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

  • Ibrahim Hamid

  • Samara Mabrouk

  • Walaa Jamous

The City Law School

  • Ilyas Mohammed (Deputy Chair Elected)

  • Sarah Sahi

  • Ahmed Khawaja

School of Arts & Social Sciences  

  • Ayesha Hossain

  • Amna Khan

  • Nikolaos Dimitriou

Cass Business School

  • Deveshi Kumar

  • Khushi Gandhi

  • Vivian Ceresoli

Officer Reports:

Student Councillors were able to hold the Executive Officer team to account through the accountability reports. Student Council is responsible to ensure the Executive Officer team is undertaking the responsabilities of their roles and abiding to Union Policy in their actions.

13 Officer reports were submitted to Student Council:

  • SU President - Saqlain Riaz
  • VP Education - Ruqaiyah Javaid 
  • VP Community and Wellbeing - Shaima Dallali
  • Business SRO - Martin Stepanek
  • Law SRO - Tyler Austin
  • SMCSE SRO - Chandra Rodrigues
  • SASS SRO - Tevo Kearney-James
  • PGR Officer - Soheil Ahmadi
  • International Students' Officer - Ameer Hamza Malik
  • LGBT+ Officer - Paulina Samasova
  • Disabled Students' Officer - Ellie Foulger
  • Ethics & Environmental Officer - Shad Islam
  • Sports Officer - James Zhang

Have a look at what they have been up to so far this term here - you only need to scroll down after the agenda.

Student Policies:

At Student Council, all students can submit motions but only Student Councillors are allowed to vote on them.

Student Council voted to pass the following policies:

  • Societies UN SDGs Requirement

This Policy looks at supporting societies to achieve at least 2 of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in collaboration with the Environmental and Ethics Officer. This Policy will be implemented from the next academic year 2021-22 onwards.

  • Embed Employability in the Curriculum on all Courses

This Policy looks to campaign for the University to allocate more resources to embedding employability into the curriculum across all degree courses and to re-evaluate its employability and careers support to better support students under the pandemic and better support BAME students

  • Funding for University Catering

This Policy looks at the student groups and the catering provision offered at City - the aim of this policy is to allow student groups to bid for funding towards catering in the same way as other resources through the amendment of the Student Group Funding Regulations and Bye Law 11.

  • Student Union to take on the Sunflower Lanyard Campaign

This Policy looks to at the Students' Union to adopt the Sunflower Lanyard Campaign to ensure it runs every year - this campaign includes raising awareness to hidden disabilities through the Sunflower Lanyard and ensuring all staff and elected student leaders are trained accordingly. 

  • City, University of London to take on the Sunflower lanyard Campaign

This Policy looks to campaign for the University to offer the Sunflower Lanyards through student services ans raise awareness to hidden disabilities through a wider campaign to all students, as well as ensuring all staff are trained accordingly.

  • An Additional in-year Resit Period

This policy look to campaign for the introduction of an in-year resit, preferably in April or June. Students affected by extenuating circumstances during January assessments, may not retake those exams until August that year. This can have a serious impact on the affected student’s future (especially for final year students) including but not limited to: delayed final transcript, limited contact with lecturers marking the paper for as many as 9 months before taking the resit , a long gap between initial learning and teaching and the resit assessment, not getting the opportunity to graduate with your peers, and missing the opportunity to gain work experience during the month of August.

You can find a copy of the full papers from the meeting, including reports and motions, here.

If you are interested in submitting a motion to the next Student Council meeting, all information is here - if you need support you can email or All students can submit motions!

The next Student Council meeting will be taking place via Zoom from 4pm on Thursday 28th January 2021.



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