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International Students' Questions: Answered!

We may not be around to meet you in person this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear your buzz! The questions have been coming in thick and fast on our social platforms so we’ve collated some of the most frequently asked for you here.  


What support is there for studying remotely at home?

This one will be course dependent – the best port of call will be to contact your Course Officer who will be able to sign post you to the relevant teams and support needed.

We’d love to hear your experiences of working from home – Tag us in pictures of your creative set up on Instagram @cityunisu or ping us over any suggestions you might have for improving the work/life balance at home on any of our platforms. 


What societies can I join and how can I meet other students?

Head over to the Get Involved section on our website. Here you can find all our current societies and how to join. We have a huge selection of cultural societies as well as societies for different countries, different hobbies, courses, faiths, and so on. If you have a new idea for a society – we’d love to hear it! That section of the website also has a guide on how to make your own society, which is relatively easy too. Joining a society or starting your own is a great place to meet students with similar interests to yourself.


Since I may be unable to travel where are some places in the UK you would recommend seeing?

London and the UK have so much to offer – we don’t know why you’d ever want to go abroad! (ok… maybe for some warmer temperatures)

Here are a few places to explore that are both COVID secure and friendly to those empty student pockets.

  1. Free Galleries and Museums – a great way to gain a taste of London’s culture without breaking the bank. Check out these free spots that locals have collated for The Culture Trip. 
  2.  Outdoor Markets – free to browse but some of the food stalls can be too hard to resist! These have mostly reopened since lockdown with road closures creating more space to ensure safe visits. Have a look at where Time Out’s suggests exploring, whether it’s antiques or vintage clothes there’s something for everyone. 
  3. Heritage sites – Soak up a bit of English history at one of over 400 historic monuments and buildings. Get closer to where the story happened and discover a range of events across the country. Each site has specific measures in place so make sure to check the individual property page. Visitor capacity has been reduced so make sure to book tickets for your next adventure in advance.


Who can help me with housing? Where is the best area to live?

We hear you!

Moving to London can be both mesmerising and intimidating at the best of times. Right now it might seem slightly daunting. You may have already found somewhere to live but here are our tips and tricks for finding your own little space in the big city.

  1. Your Uni Commute – How long will it take you to get in for those pesky 9am lectures? Check out the public transport routes using apps like CityMapper or is it a walkable distance?
  2. Your budget - let’s face it, London is known for being an expensive city and you want to have money left over once you’ve paid the rent. We can help you with this one – check out our money advice section on the website. You can book an appointment with an Advisor to have a friendly discussion about your budget – even if you don’t have one yet! 

For more info see the Living in London page on the Uni website. 


How can I get my Student Oyster Card?

This is a two step process. Firstly - apply here at the TFL website. 

Then the Student Centre will sign and approve your oyster card application. Contact them by email at 

Do I have to register with the police?

Due to Covid, the police are not currently processing student registration so there will be no penalties if you do not register within the time frame given. We suggest you check our website here for the latest updates. 

Can I get student discounts?

TOTUM is the number one student discount card and app giving you access to huge offers on food and essentials, tech, travel and home delivery. Plus fashion, beauty and a whole lot more. In-store and online, TOTUM puts all the best student coupons, vouchers and discounts right where you want them - in your pocket. Right now if you buy a 2-year TOTUM membership card today they’ll give you an extra year FOR FREE! Find out more on their website

Where can I apply for a national insurance number?

Please check the government website here for more info.

Where is the best place to look for a part time job?

Unitemps is a recruitment agency specialising in fulfilling temporary job vacancies, student jobs and internships nationwide. Sign up here to see the latest opportunities in and around City.

My loan hasn’t come through yet – who do I contact?

If you’re experiencing loan delays email who will be happy to help.

How do I get a new ID Card?

Book a date and time here to pick up your new ID card. 

Any more questions? Come and meet us on Friday at our International Students Drop in!

We welcome you to join with the opportunity to meet and interact with students from over 160 different countries! Sign up for this event and find out about all our events here



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