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Introducing the Students' Union Awards

It’s the exciting time of the year where we look to showcase and celebrate fantastic success on campus – the Students’ Union Awards!

This is the first year we are combining all our awards into one massive celebration. Our traditional Carrot Awards to celebrate extraordinary students, our Students’ Union Awards to acknowledge fabulous student groups and our Academic Impact Awards to celebrate amazing staff and programme reps will all be in one big occasion now! This is an opportunity to come together and learn about each other’s achievements and celebrate as one big City family.

We have also revamped the branding and reviewed our criteria for the awards. This should make nominating someone incredible, even easier! We’ve changed the structure of the event too – to give you a fancy and fun experience! Making the Great Hall a real event space with canapes and drink options.

Sound good? Well nominations are open now, so check out the full mini-site here. Personally, I know how much it means to be nominated and how great it feels to win! So please nominate friends, colleagues, lecturers, support staff and societies to give them the best chance to have this experience.  

So go on, now, click here. Click. Now, click it! And nominate your favourite lecturer, tell us what your favourite society event was and give us the name of your life-changing programme rep. Nominate now!



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Wed 21 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Assessment Update: City’s Mitigations explained

As the pandemic continues City has decided on a series of mitigations to ensure that students are not disadvantaged throughout their assessments. Many of you will be familiar with the term No Detriment, but what does this term actually mean?

Mon 19 Apr 2021
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