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Islamophobia Awareness Month

Left to Right, Malek Arab (VP Education), Hareem Ghani (NUS Women Officer) and Shaima Dallali (City

It is the month of November and with November comes Islamophobia Awareness Month.  Islamophobia Awareness Month is a time to think about what Islam means to many of  our students and people around the world. In this month we wish to deconstruct and challenge the many stereotypes about Muslims and Islam alike, by launching this month to help create a better world for all!

The Union Sabbatical Officer Team, along with several City Union Societies have teamed up to bring you a number of events to both celebrate Islam and explore what it means to many students studying at City.  Over the month we will also raise awareness of Islamophobia and what forms it can take  and how it effects Muslims around the country.

On the 22 November the Union along with the Law Society, the Palestinian Society, and the Feminist Society will be hosting a panelled discussion about how Islamophobia effects women and their prospects socially and economically due to Islamophobia, especially given they are the most disadvantaged group in the UK.

On the 1 December we will be hosting a grand panel on what Islamophobia means to be Muslim in the UK in the 21st Century, titled ‘Islamophobia: Justified Fear or Rationalised Racism,’ talking about the social and economic prospects of Muslims in the UK and what can be done to fight against Islamophobia at City and wider society.

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