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Islamophobia Awareness Month

It is the month of November and with November comes Islamophobia Awareness Month.  Islamophobia Awareness Month is a time to think about what Islam means to many of our students and people around the world. In this month we wish to deconstruct and challenge the many stereotypes about Muslims and Islam alike, by launching this month to help create a better world for all!

A Poem by Maryam Ahmed

Islamophobia is a prejudice against Islam,

Everyday getting threats and weird looks on the train.

But we as Muslims have to stay calm,

Cause we’ve had to take the blame,

For things we never did,

But who did it in our name.


Just because we wear hijab or have a beard,

We automatically become a target.

And become ones who are feared,

by those who claim to be the smartest.


Islam a religion of peace,

It is a complete way of life.

But you all think it’s some kind of disease,

That is apparently so rife.


Targeting anyone because of race, gender or religion,

Can never be justified.

It is simply discrimination,

so why do we let it slide?


We are running a series of events over Islamophobia Awareness Month, take a look above at what you can get involved in.