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LGBT+ History Month

In the UK, February marks LGBT History Month, a month dedicated to discussing and celebrating the rich history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people in Britain and across the world. 

In the UK, sex between gay men was illegal until 1967, and the age of consent was not brought in line with that of straight couples until 2001. In 1987, the government passed Section 28, which stated that local authorities, including schools, should not promote the ‘acceptability’ of LGBT lives. Section 28 was not repealed until 2003, and it is likely that its legacy has lasted a lot longer.  

Because of this, LGBT History is rarely taught in schools and much of the population, both inside and outside the LGBT community, remain ignorant to the stories, struggles, and contributions of LGBT people. LGBT History Month was set up in 2005 to rectify this and to celebrate the LGBT community. This year’s theme is Peace, Activism, and Reconciliation and there are loads of cool events happening that you can get involved with.  

Click here for a list of local events that are taking place as part of LGBT History Month. City’s LGBT+ Staff Network will be holding stalls on the University Building Walkway on Wednesday and Thursday Next week. 

As well as that, City has it’s own LGBT+ Society – check them out here! They'll be hosting a Rainbow Party in honour of History Month - click here for the facebook event.

I’ve also included a list of film titles you might want to watch – why not get a group of friends together and throw your own LGBT History Month celebration? 





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