Leadership Conference 17

On the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd February 2017, City Students’ Union hosted its first ever Student Leadership Conference for Programme Reps and Society Leaders, sponsored by Santander Universities.

View our summary video here.

The themes of this Conference were Leadership and Employability, with a host of workshops focussed on these areas delivered to students by CityCareers, Learning Enhancement and Development, the National Union of Students, ExperienceCity and CityLibrary.

We have thousands of students who carry out extra-curricular leadership work alongside their studies here and they really need to showcase this to graduate employers to secure the top jobs. I share a huge passion for employability initiatives and it was great to collaborate with the University on this occasion. Thank you to all who contributed, participated and delivered.

Professor David Bolton, Deputy President and Provost at City, University of London:

“At City we have a longstanding high reputation for our students going on to successful graduate careers. We are committed to maintaining this high reputation, and in partnership with our Students Union, intend to continue to enhance what we offer to our students to prepare them for employment and a fulfilled working life.”

Liana Cercel, Final Year LLB Law student at The City Law School also had this to say:

“The Conference included a lot of valuable, and most importantly practical, information in a couple of hours’ time. The “How to be an effective leader (LEaD)” workshop was centred on self-assessment, particularly helping us to identify, achieve and structure the skillset we require in relation to our goals. The networking workshop brought another benefit by quite surprisingly making us ‘come out of our shells’ and making the most of networking events, not only by showing us how, but making us do it well.”

Therefore, it is clear that there is an opportunity to organise further development opportunities for students at City and City Students’ Union are committed to doing being a part of this.

Zain Ismail

Vice-President Education