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Look after yourself this Lockdown

Here we go again...

Mental wellbeing can fluctuate day to day in ordinary circumstances – let alone in these turbulent times!

You might remember when we first went into Lockdown in March we collated some advice for looking after your wellbeing during the Pandemic. (Missed it? check it out here) Most of that is still highly relevant this time round, there are some great links to helpful organisations that are well worth checking out and resources like this:

Coping During Covid-19 – For Students By Students

But I think it’s safe to say ‘taking a walk’ or ‘doing an outdoor workout’ seemed mildly more appealing when the sun was shining. It’s dark and cold outdoors by 4pm in Series 2 of Lockdown (spoiler!) So here are some ideas to look after yourself in the warm this time.  

Keep talking

You’re scheduling calls for lectures, seminars and everything work related so don’t forget to book in time to speak with your friends. Even if you would never usually pick up the phone, give it a go. Everyone appreciates a check in and it can be comforting to hear some familiar voices.

We’re spending a lot of time by ourselves right now and although you might be great company, it’s important to stay connected. Even better, turn your camera on! Your loved ones will really appreciate seeing you, even if you're in your pyjamas! You could really brighten someone’s day.

Take a structured approach to meeting new people

Making friends in a new environment can be tricky without a global pandemic, let alone when you’re not allowed to physically meet up. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t meet new people or find new friends.

Remember: Everyone is in the same situation, people will be accepting and understanding and most likely grateful for you to reaching out.

Here are some ways to connect with new people when you can’t meet up in person:

  • Look out for online forums and class discussions
  • Check out our ‘whats on’ page here to see all the latest events.
  • Volunteering opportunities – this might seem like a strange one but it’s a great way to connect with new communities and YES you can volunteer from your bedroom. Check out to see how you can use your skills to help a business right now. (Ps. This one looks great on your CV!)
  • We have nearly 100 societies here at City. Society meetings are still happening online and this can be a great way to engage with like minded people. Check them out here.

Student Space have a great webinar for more tips and tricks when it comes to making friends from your bedroom!

Plug in to a new Podcast

And better yet – a podcast produced, presented or created by City Alumni! We’re all spending all day in front of a screen right now, so switch on a podcast and switch off the screens. Zoom fatigue is a real thing you know!

Check out the list below and see what takes your fancy:

Lockdown Larder

Hungry for a new podcast as we enter a second lockdown?, This is a deep dive into how our eating habits have changed during the pandemic. Izzy chats to a series of foodies, for their tips, recipes and other mouth watering socially distanced dinner table chat.

Jobs Bored

It’s a podcast that voices the frustrations of three young journalists, as they try to break into the jobs market in the middle of a pandemic. 

The Other America

Bringing underrepresented regions to the UK, the Latin American News Podcast delves into a different issue affecting the continent every episode. 

Politics Mad

A podcast that discusses the domestic and international political news of the week. We avoid discussing Coronavirus and focus on other important topics that might go under the radar.

Feed your mind

I know it can be tempting to rely on those takeaway apps, especially when they’re throwing deals at you left, right and centre, but what you eat will impact your mood. Don’t believe me? Trust the scientists!

Follow these tips to avoid that afternoon slump:

  • Eat regularly and consistently – eating all your meals between 5-10pm doesn’t count.
  • Stay hydrated! Feed that brain that is trying to absorb all your learnings.
  • Look after your gut with a varied diet. We see you pasta monsters and super noodle hoarders.
  • Aim for a colourful plate full of fruits and vegetables and all the nutrients – especially as we head into the colder months. Boost your immune system – we are in a global Pandemic after all.
  • And of course… indulge in that takeaway when you need it. Just not for every meal!

Widen your skill set 

And finally here are some hobbies and skills you might want to give ago this time round, if you didn’t quite get on board the first time!

  • Cook or bake something new. All those Mob Kitchen videos you’ve been drooling over? Pick one and give it a go!
  • Get creative with a Christmas craft – Pinterest is full of cheap and cheerful decoration ideas. Here are some to get you inspired! - plan ahead and get crafty with a group of friends over zoom!
  • Try a Youtube yoga or medidation session every day for a week. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes you’ll be amazed at the effect it will have on your mindset. 
  • Send your friends a card or letter. Even better – make a card and send it! Everyone will appreciate the thought gone in and it gives you an afternoon’s activity.
  • Been considering a side hustle? You’ve got the time to really explore your thoughts and ideas now. Set aside some time each day to research the next steps.
  • Pick up that language app and dust off the cobwebs. A second language is essential for many jobs right now and certainly increases your appeal to employers.

We'd love to hear any new skills or hobbies you try out this time round. Let us know in the comments below or on social media! We're all in this together. 


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