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Massive improvements in the NSS for the Union

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City Students’ Union sees a 6.42% increase in student satisfaction in the 2018 National Student Survey (NSS) with the Union receiving one of the highest satisfaction results in London.  The Union is now rated by its members as being in the top 25% of students’ union’s nationally (31 out of 146) and in London (3 out of 23) when looking at question 26 of the NSS.

This follows a year when the Union has seen unprecedented engagement in its student groups, activities and elections showing that the 2017/18 academic year was a real turning point for the Union.

The NSS results, released on Friday 27 July 2018, provide the response to a series of questions asked to all final year students about their experience at university, one of those questions is the following:

‘Q26.The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests.’

This is the second year this particular question has been asked; however, questions on the Union have been included since 2012.  The Union has consistently scored in the bottom 25% of students’ union’s in London and nationally until 2017.

The following is how strongly students agreed with question 26 for 2017 and 2018.





Increase / decrease (%)

City, University of London




We would like to thank all the students, officers and staff who have contributed to making these great improvements over the last 12 months.

If there were things, you would like to see improved, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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