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We convinced the University to refurbish the microwave room

Great news! We raised your issues with the right people in the university. When you said you wanted more microwaves and a better food prep area, we brought your thoughts straight to the people who could make it happen. 

We're really pleased to say that the University were keen to make this happen, and they put a lot of work into getting the room ready. With several new microwaves and kitchen facilities, it's a step up on what we had before. 

"I am glad to say that the Students’ Union continues working in partnership with the University to improve the facilities and the overall quality of student experience. Make sure that you make the most out of the opportunities that are available to you and please remember that at the Students’ Union, we are always ready to help you and assist you with any of your enquiries. We’ve got your back!" – Olesea Matcovschi, President of City Students' Union.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, find the new microwave room next to the canteen on Level 1, University building.




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Wed 21 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Assessment Update: City’s Mitigations explained

As the pandemic continues City has decided on a series of mitigations to ensure that students are not disadvantaged throughout their assessments. Many of you will be familiar with the term No Detriment, but what does this term actually mean?

Mon 19 Apr 2021
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