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NUS Black Students' Conference

Left to Right Malek Arab, Hamza Shaikh, and Zulkaif Riaz

Earlier this month Malek Arab (VP Education) and Zulkaif Riaz (VP Activities and Development) attended the NUS Black Students’ Conference representing City’s African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean students nationally.

Zulkaif went as a delegate on behalf of the City Students’ Union Black and Minority Ethnic Officer Anna-Noemie Outtara-Boni, who sadly could not attend due to a clash with an exam.

At the conference there was a number of important decisions being discussed including the potential name change of the movement from NUS Black Students’ Officer to a number of potential names including:

NUS Students’ of Colour;

NUS Students’ of the global majority; &

NUS African Asian Arab and Caribbean;

A consultation had been done, which had supported the NUS Students’ of Colour name and suggested overwhelmingly that it would be the best going forward.

However the consultation did not include the NUS African Asian Arab and Caribbean which proved rather contentious and proved more popular with a number of the delegates. 

There was a name change policy that required 66% of delegates to vote in favour of changing the name of the Officer to NUS Students' of Colour, however, a amendment was also tabled that would instead re-name the to Students' of African Asian Arab and Carribean descent that required only a majority to amend the policy, however, despite long debate neither were able to be passed, and it looks that there shall be another consultation coming soon! 

Ultimately, Ilyas Nagdee, the current NUS Black Students’ officer was re-elected as the Black Students’ Officer for a second term.



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