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No Farmers. No Food. | Officer Statement

City Students’ Union stands in solidarity with our Indian and Sikh students against the human rights abuses and police brutality being committed by the Indian police forces against farmers in Punjab. We condemn the actions of the Indian government, especially the infringing on the people’s right to protest by using violence and brutality.

Thousands of farmers and youth across Punjab and other areas in India have been peacefully protesting for over 50 days about the 3 new farming legislations. Punjab’s farmers have suffered from generational trauma rooted in government-sanctioned displacement and exploitation. Recent farm ordinances issued by the Indian government only further diminish the richness of a region built on the backs of small farmers. Negotiations with the government have failed, so farmers are marching in protest. They have had to face roadblocks, tear gas, water cannons and police brutality.

Over the past few days, we have seen many students across City University standing in solidarity with Punjab’s farmers in the most creative of ways. We join our voices to the demand to save Punjab’s farmers, ending police brutality, gratuitous violence and colonial disregard for human lives.


To our Indian and Sikh students, we stand by you.
Shaima Dallali | VP Community and Wellbeing

Ruqaiyah Javaid | VP Education

Saqlain Riaz | President



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Wed 21 Apr 2021

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Mon 19 Apr 2021
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