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Notice of Election - Spring 2021

Notice of Election

Notice is hereby given that elections are to be held for the following positions in City Students’ Union:

Full Time Paid Sabbatical Positions

Number to be elected

President, Students’ Union


Vice President, Education


Vice President, Community and Wellbeing



Part-Time Executive Positions

Number to be elected

Academic Interest Positions

School Representative Officer, School of Arts and Social Sciences


School Representative Officer, Cass Business School


School Representative Officer, City Law School


School Representative Officer, School of Health


School Representative Officer, School of Mathematics, Engineering and Computing Science


Postgraduate Officer (Taught)


Postgraduate Officer (Research)


Liberation Officer Positions

International Students’ Officer


Disabled Students’ Officer


Womens’ Officer


Black, Minority and Ethnic Students’ Officer


LGBT Students’ Officer


Special Interest Positions

Ethics & Environment Officer


Sports’ Officer


Raising and Giving (RAG) Officer


Societies Officer


Student Media Officer


Nomination Forms

To nominate yourself, please visit and complete the Nomination process here.

If you have any difficulties, please contact

The Nominations period is open from Monday 18 January until 23:59 on Thursday 11 February. 


All students pursuing a programme of study as defined by the University Senate and with a current enrolment record may stand. A programme of study means full-time or part-time study at undergraduate or postgraduate level leading to a University award.

  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure their enrolment record is up to date before submitting their nomination form.
  • Students who have decided to opt out of Students’ Union membership are not eligible to stand in any Students’ Union election.
  • Occasional students as defined by Senate or those who are at validated, partnership institutions are not entitled to stand.
  • The following constituency-based limitations apply
    • All eligible students may stand for the positions of President, VP Education, VP Wellbeing and Community, Raising and Giving Officer, Ethics & Environment Officer and Sports’ Officer.
    • Students may only stand for the School Representative Officer post for the School in which they are registered.
    • Only Postgraduate Students may stand for the post of Postgraduate Officer (Taught) and Postgraduate Officer (Research).
    • Only students who do not have United Kingdom citizenship can stand for the position of International Students Officer.
    • Only students who self-define as belonging to the groups represented by the individual Officers may stand for the following positions: Womens’ Officer; Black Minority and Ethnic students’ Officer; Disabled Students’ Officer; LGBT Officer. For example, only those who self-define as LGBT may stand for LGBT students’ Officer.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations must be submitted online only.

The Deadline for submission is 23:59 on Thursday 11 February. 

Nominations submitted after this date and time will not be considered under any circumstances.

Candidates’ Meeting

All candidates are required to attend a meeting with the Deputy Returning Officer which will go through the election details, campaigning rules and other information regarding the election. 

These will take place on Monday 15 February 2021.




Online via Video Conferencing software

Candidates who are unable to attend must contact the Deputy Returning Officer by email, before the meeting to set up an alternative meeting.

Contacting the Returning/Deputy Returning Officer

The Returning Officer (Peter Robertson) and Deputy Returning Officer (Hannah Roberts) may be contacted via the following email address 

Please send all questions about the elections through to 

PDF document of the above attached.




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