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Notice of Student Members Meeting

Each academic year, City Students’ Union hold an annual Student Members’ Meeting, sometimes referred to as the Union General Meeting (UGM), or the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The purpose of the meeting is for members of the Union (that's you, our students) to:

  • Hear from the Trustees on what the Union has been doing since last year;
  • Formally present the accounts, giving you a chance to see how we spend your money;
  • Approve the list of affiliations of the Union;
  • Provide an opportunity for Student Members to ask the Trustees questions;
  • To debate and pass student policy;

The Student Members Meeting 2019 will take place on Tuesday 11 February, 18:00 in B200, Northampton Square. 

Any City, University of London student can attend, submit motions, debate, listen and vote – including at you! At previous events there has been lively debate, all contributing to changing the Union, the campus and even activity at a national level.

At last years meeting students voted on a number of things, including ‘opposing Prevent’, ‘Tackling Sexual Harassment on Campus’ and ‘Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free’. As a result of this, the Union has worked with the University to keep Wednesday afternoons free, played an active role in lobbying for better support for survivors of sexual violence on both the University project Working Group and Implementation Group and released a statement expressing our opposition to Prevent and the Prevent duty for being racist and a threat to civil liberties.

Any current City, University of London Student can propose motions for the Meeting, you can find a detailed explanation of how to do so here. If you need any help with this you can drop the Union Representation Team an email and we will meet with you to chat further.

All motions must be submitted to: and

The deadline for motions is Tuesday 4th February 2019 at 16:00

So come along and hold City Students’ Union to account, see how your money is spent and hear about its future plans.

Please note to attend the Student Members’ Meeting you reserve a ticket. You can register for a free ticket to this event here, or just turn up on the day - don't forget your student ID card though!



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