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Notice of UCU Strike and Action-Short-Of-A-Strike Referendum

City Students’ Union Board of Trustees have called a referendum on whether or not the students’ union should support the imminent Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) industrial action, including a strike and action-short-of-a-strike.  The strike will comprise of eight continuous days during the last two weeks of term between 25th November and 4th December. The continuous action-short-of-a-strike starting on 25th November and ending by 29th April.  This will consist of:

(i) working to contract;

(ii) not covering for absent colleagues;

(iii) not rescheduling lectures (or other educational activity) cancelled due to strike action and

(iv) not undertaking voluntary activities.

The referendum question will be:

Should City Students’ Union support the ‘strike’ and ‘action-short-of-a-strike’ UCU industrial action on pensions and on pay & working conditions?

You will be able to respond to the referendum from 9am 22 November to 4pm 25 November 2019.  The result will be announced by the end of 26 November 2019.

In the week commencing 11 November 2019, further information will be provided on the arguments for and against supporting the UCU industrial action and how you could take part in campaigning in the referendum.

Important information

Our members, each and every student at City, University of London will always be our priority and regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the students’ union will always support you to ensure the industrial action has a minimum disruption on your studies.  Some of the ways in which we will support you include encouraging academics to make students aware if they will be striking to reduce unnecessary journeys to campus, helping students who wish to make a claim against City and keeping you informed on progress.  

Kind regards,


Tuna Kunt

Chair of the Board of Trustees

City Students’ Union



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