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Covid-19: Open Letter of Solidarity to our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities

City, University of London has written a letter of solidarity acknowledging that our BAME communities in the U.K. are effected more by COVID-19, we will continue to support and achieve a non-discriminatory workplace and university. The Union supports this statement.

The statement is as follows:


City, University of London’s Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team and the BAME Staff Network would like to issue the following open letter on solidarity with Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities who have been effected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

As the world continues to grapple with the severity of infection caused by COVID-19, it has become apparent over the last few weeks that BAME communities are suffering disproportionately from the effect of COVID-19. Despite making up only 13% of the England and Wales population, non-White people represented a third of the 7,542 patients in intensive care units with confirmed COVID-19(1). Most recently, alarm was raised by the British Medical Association Chair, Dr Chaad Nagpaul, after it was reported that all but one of the 17 doctors who are known to have died after contracting COVID-19 were from BAME backgrounds2. These reports highlight the existing health and socioeconomic inequalities faced by many BAME communities and warrants urgent action to reduce the amplification of these inequalities on BAME lives.

On reflection of these findings, we would like to take this opportunity to express our support for the BAME communities that have been heavily affected by this outbreak, in particular frontline workers who are predominately from BAME backgrounds(2). We believe it is vital that we remain supportive and sensitive to the difficulties faced by our BAME students and staff given that City is in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the world and direct associations of the effects of COVID-19 is likely.

In making City an inclusive environment to study and work free from discrimination, it is our pledge to jointly instil the values, dignity and respect through recognising and celebrating the diversity of our students and staff, and introduce ways in which we can make significant improvements.

As we continue with our commitment to achieve a non-discriminatory workplace, we ask that you join us in our vigilance, support and dedication to accomplish this.

Professor Zoe Radnor, Vice President (Strategy and Planning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
Philip Gilks, Co-Chair Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team
Jessica Jones Nielsen, Co-Chair Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team
Valerie Glasford, Chair, BAME Staff Network


1) ICNARC COVID-19 Report on 7542 patients critically ill with COVID-19, p. 7, 1 May.
2) BAME doctors hit worse by lack of PPE

If you have any questions about this statement, please contact Rania Salim.


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