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Postgrad students: nominate yourself in our elections today!

Election Nominations are currently open, you can nominate yourself now and take part the elections. Nominating yourself for elections is an excellent way to develop your skills, make yourself stand out from the crowd and importantly, make crucial changes at City University of London that will improve the experience for Post Graduate and all students.

Nominate yourself today!

We have 20 roles that you can stand for some are voluntary such as Post Graduate officers, who represent our Research and Taught Post Graduates. By standing for this role you can make important changes on behalf of our many Post Graduate students and represent them at meetings such as the University senate.

There are many other part-time voluntary roles such as our Liberation or Special Interest Officers.

There are 3 full time paid roles, such as President, Vice-President Community and Wellbeing and Vice-President Education. These roles are full time sabbatical roles, where you can earn over £23k and access many other important benefits.


As Post Graduates, you can make the important changes that matter to the students you represent. Want longer opening hours for Post Graduate students? Do you want catering to serve you after 5pm? Or do you need better access to resources? You can make the changes you want to see, nominate yourself!


You can find out about all the roles available, see all the important dates and nominate yourself on our website!

For more information, go to:

We are always happy to talk about the roles or answer any questions, email us at:





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