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Programme Rep Nominations are now open!

Nominations are now open for the Programme Rep Elections! Stand to be a Programme Rep this year to make a difference to the academic experience of you and your course mates.


Programme Reps are incredibly important because they make sure that the student voice is heard on each course at City, all the way from Undergraduate courses up to PhD. Every Programme (course) in City, University of London elects one or more Programme Representatives, and that could be you!

As a Programme Rep you’ll be playing an active role in collecting student feedback within your programme on issues that affect your peers. This can be raised in University Committee meetings to ensure that the University is constantly listening to, and responding to, real student feedback. Ultimately, Reps play a key role in making the University experience much better for City students, meaning students will not only get the most out of their course but are happier students.

If you want to stand to be a Rep, you will be able to nominate yourself in class during the first few weeks of teaching. Depending on whether your course is mostly in person or online, the elections will be held during class. For more details on how the elections will be held for your programme, please contact your Course Leader.


Dates for Programme Rep Elections 2021

Nominations open: Monday 4th October

Stand to be a Programme Rep and nominate yourself in class.

Nominations close: Sunday 17th October

Last day to nominate yourself as a representative for your programme.

Voting opens: Monday 25th October

Select who you want to see as your Programme Rep from all the nominations.

Voting closes: Thursday 28th October

Last day to place your votes.

Results published: Friday 29th October

Results from all programmes will be released to reveal your new appointed Reps.

***Please contact your Course Leader if you have any questions on how the Programme Rep Elections will run for your programme.***


Check out our website for more information on Programme Reps here! If you have any queries, please email