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Programme Rep Reception 2020 - In case you missed it

A group of Programme Reps talking in the OTLT Foyer

Programme Rep Reception – In Case You Missed It.


The second annual Programme Rep Reception took place on the 27th January 2020. We enjoyed the event and meeting with over 100 Student and staff; if you missed it, here’s a look back.

The event was an opportunity for Reps to network with one another and to share their experiences in representing their programmes.

Programme Representatives and staff from all 5 schools gathered in the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre to begin the evening. Over 100 Programme Representatives, Academic staff and Students’ Union staff attended. The evening began with an opening talk from the Deputy President of City University, Professor David Bolton, and a speech from VP Education, Saqlain Riaz.



Food and wine were provided in the foyer and Reps each received a gift pack and Programme Rep handbook. The gifts included a reusable Coffee cup, Note pad and pen, and Programme Rep lanyards. We wanted to make sure that Programme Reps received rewards in recognition for their hard work representing all of City University’s Students.



Programme Reps enjoyed the use of the Oliver Thompson Lecture theatre for the reception with 92% of Reps saying they liked the venue.



Many Programme Representatives used the rest of the evening to talk to one another and talk to academics in attendance. We were happy to see many Programme Reps in conversation with Professor Sir Paul Curran (University President) and Deans from across the schools.



We plan to run this event annually and we were pleased that 85% of Programme Reps agreed, strongly agreed or N/A (for those in their final year) to attend the event in the future.

We want to thank all the Academic Staff who attended, especially Professor Sir Paul Curran and Professor David Bolton. Thank you to all the Sabbatical Officers, Tuna Kunt, Rania Salim and Saqlain Riaz, for taking the time to attend. And finally, a massive thank you to all our programme Representatives, those that attended and all who have been working hard this year.



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