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Programme Reps: Use your vote!

Aside from 60% off Pizza and lots of prizes up for grabs, there are some great reasons why you need to vote in the Spring Elections.


Voting is open until 4:00pm on Thursday 25th February 2021. Make sure to use your vote before voting closes to have your say on who will be your officers next year!


Vote Here!


You understand the issues.

As a Programme Rep, you have been hearing from students and gathering their feedback all year, so you understand the important issues. You can view all the candidates’ manifestos and decide who you think will be the best at representing students on the issues you care about!


You know what makes a good officer.

There are 20 elections you can vote for President, two Vice Presidents, School Representative Officers, Postgraduate Officers, Liberation Officers and Special Interest Officers. In order to vote for the Liberation Officers, you’ll have to self-identify on the website.

You’re involved in representing students, many of the skills you use as Reps apply to the officer roles too, so you know what it takes. You can vote for the candidate you think will have the best skills and experiences to represent students, make change happen and lead the SU.


Working with officers is part of the role.

Don’t forget, you’ve had the opportunity to work with officers on campaigns and projects as part of the roles, and whoever is elected will work with Programme Reps next year.

The VP Education and School Representative Officers are responsible for supporting Programme Reps and working with you in your meetings, and all officers are responsible for representing students and an important part of making a change at City. Make sure you use your vote!


Officers need your vote!

Every student that votes will help to show the impact of the Union and its officers. We call this a ‘Mandate’. The more votes cast in total, the bigger the mandate of the officers when campaigning or working with the University. If you want the officers to have successes representing you, you need to vote and encourage your friends to vote too!


You deserve a chance to win!

We have discounts on Papa Johns (60% Off!!!) and Prizes up for grabs. By voting you have the chance to win one of the prizes up for grabs.

It’s pretty simple, when we reach these number of votes, we’ll raffle off these prizes:

  • 2500 Votes – Nintendo Switch Package with Mario Cart, Zelda and Pokémon
  • 3000 Votes – Apple MacBook Air 2020, 13 Inch

You’ll get your Papa John’s code as soon as you have voted and we’ll be raffling off prizes as soon as we hit the vote targets!



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