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Programme Reps Welcome Receptions

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School of Health Sciences Welcome Reception School of Health Sciences Welcome Reception

October and November has been a busy time for the Student Voice Team at the Students' Union.

We've been working hard in delivering training for all 700 of our elected Programme Representatives - our incredible students who volunteer to represent their courses at a variety of University Committees, and drive positive change on the ground.

As part of the Representatives' Induction, we've been running Welcome Receptions with each of the Schools - allowing Representatives to meet the Staff they'll be working with in the School and to network with each other. We hope that this can foster relationships that can exist outside of the meeting room. 

Our Programme Representatives Scheme is a partnership that is delivered with the University. We've been happy to see a lot of Staff from across the Schools coming together to support these events and working proactively with their Representatives.

School of Health Sciences Programme Reps Welcome Reception

School of Health Sciences Welcome Reception


Your Vice President Education Malek Arab has said:

"It's been a brilliant start to the term in training and welcoming all of our Programme Representatives. I have really enjoyed getting to know the hardworking staff who help us run this partnership. Reps have delivered so much change to student life at City - from Catering, to printing and to telling us how we can be better for students. I feel that this year will be the greatest that City will see in terms of what we can achieve as Staff, Reps and a Union!"


We are still looking to recruit Programme Representatives to courses who are currently without representation. If you are interested in becomming a representative for your course, please email



Sharmin Chowdhury
7:47am on 12 Nov 17 I wasn’t notified of the events- I missed out T.T
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