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Programme Reps: Why these roles are right for you!

We hope you have been having a great time in your role as Programme Reps so far, but you might be thinking about the next steps in your career or in your time at City.


Applying for one of the great roles in our elections is perfect for Programme Reps as you have the transferable skills and ability to make change happen that will make your time in the role a success. Also, demonstrating your experience as a Rep and an officer will be a huge boost to your CV and career.


Applications are still open for all roles, including School Representative Officer.

If you have been a Rep this year, applying for School Representative officer will give you the opportunity to represent the students in your school, network with senior academics, university professionals and other officers and gain experience and skills while making a difference.


There are more roles available too!

We also have: Postgraduate Officers, representing our Postgraduate students, Liberation Officers and Special Interest Officers.

And if you are looking for a paid role, there are 3: President, Vice-President Education and Vice-President Community and Wellbeing. In these roles you can lead the students Union and make important changes to improve the University, earning as you work (£23k+ Salary + benefits).

You can find a full list of the roles, as well as job descriptions here: Role Profiles (  


All of the officer roles receive support and training from your Students’ Union throughout the year, you will develop your skills and make important changes, no matter which role you stand for.


How do I apply?

Go to: Elections ( to nominate yourself in the elections.



5 Steps to apply:

1. Go to SU Elections and scroll to the bottom of the page to click ‘Stand in Election’.
2. Make sure your details are correct, inserting your full name and email address and then hit save.
3. Scroll down, find the position you want to stand for and click stand.
4. You’ll then need to upload a manifesto, slogan and photo to go along with your application.
5. Once you’re finished, hit save and you’re done.