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RAG Week is nearly here...

For those still new to the acronym, RAG means Raising & Giving. At City Students’ Union, we aim to make charity fundraising fun and accessible to all students. This year, the RAG board has chosen to support 2 official charities:

Maggie's Barts

A charity that supports anyone that has been diagnosed with cancel as well as their families and friends. Maggie’s ethos is to support people to ‘not lose the joy of living in the fear of dying’. [Read More:]


The Natasha’s Project

An international contemporary dance/physical theatre company that aims to use dance to inform and equip the public about Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, and support survivors through creative means. [Read More:]


Over the next week, November 21st - 28th, we are hosting a Harry Potter themed RAG week to raise awareness and funds for both these charities and their respective causes. Join us as we make wands, and attend potions class, and dabble in a little Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Natashas Project. Help us deliver Owl Post to the Maggie’s Barts centre, or find the light in your darkness with your Patronus. We all know that wizards are the best people to party with, so pull out those robes and get ready to dance - Wednesday night, City Bar, Late License. Show off your skills in your N.E.W.Ts on Thursday's Quiz Night, and join us for a Dumbledore's Army's Inauguration Feast and much much more. 


If you’re looking to get involved in helping out with the events please sign up to be a RAG volunteer at OR email us For more details on the weeks events, follow us on Instagram @cityRAGofficer and the Students’ Union Website!

Remember, all the proceeds from next week’s events will go towards supporting our 2 charities - so bring any spare Galleons, Sickles, or Knuts you have lying at home! In muggle terms, that means spare change ;)


So Muggles and Wizards alike, 

pack your trunks at the 11th strike, 

Practice your swishes and your flicks,

and the Spells that go amiss, 

because we Solemnly swear,

for the next week,

we’re up to no good.