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Referendum Result - 'Should the University reject the IHRA Definition of antisemitism? '

From Monday 22 March to Thursday 25 March, City, University of London students were asked to vote in a referendum about the IHRA definition of antisemitism. The question put to students was as follows: 

Should the University reject the IHRA Definition of antisemitism? 

A total of 945 students voted, meaning the quota (500) was passed and the motion is deemed to be carried. 

The full results have now been counted and verified, below is a full breakdown. 

Vote Count 

Votes for YES: 


Votes for NO: 





As Deputy Returning Officer, I hereby declare that this referendum was run in a fair and democratic manner. 

What the Union will do with the ‘Yes’ vote: 

  • The referendum outcome will be communicated to all students. 
  • The referendum outcome will be communicated to the IHRA Working Group and the wider University. 
  • The Sabbatical Officer team will then be mandated to, through the Working Group, represent the views of its students as demonstrated through the ‘yes’ outcome of the referendum. 

The Union would like to thank campaigners and students from across the University who engaged in this referendum, particularly given the strength of views and lived experiences on both sides of the argument.  We are committed to working with all students effected by this referendum to ensure the services of the Union are inclusive to all students.