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Reuse, Reduce & Research Campaign

The Students’ Union is launching its sustainability campaign ‘REUSE, REDUCE & RESEARCH’ on Friday 8th of April!

What is this campaign about?

We want students to learn more about what the individual could do for a more sustainable future (sustainable lifestyle options), and also what structural change we can achieve together. The campaign aims to encourage students to make more eco-friendly choices and be proactive in creating a more sustainable campus, Union and University. 

What do we have planned for you?

We have put together a handful of events to help you lead a sustainable lifestyle.

  • We invited Vintage Vera to organise a KILO SALE in our Pavilion, so bring your reusable bags on Friday 8th to snag as many Vintage Clothes as you can! There will be everything from vintage designer to retro pieces, all for just £15 a Kilo.
  • We are also organising a 'Paint Your Own Tote Bag' workshop where you can relax and practice some self care by design something original for yourself.
  • Come along to our Don't Be a Dummy, Win the Honey! Quiz, where you can win honey from City's very own bees, all while ylearnign about recycling, energy efficiency and other sustainability topics!
  • Pop in for a quick Gardening Session with the Sustainability Team of the University.

We also want to support you in influencing bigger-scale, structural changes, so we are organising an:

  • Invest for Change seminar where you can learn more about how to influence City to divest from fossil fuels and instead, make investments in the interest of students. 

Here's a litle round-up of the events to come!


Friday 8th April

10am - 5pm


Paint Your Own Tote Bag Workshop

Monday 11th April

4pm - 5:30pm

SU Common Room

Don't Be a Dummy, Win the Honey! Quiz

Tuesday 12th April

12pm - 2pm

University Walkway

Invest for Change Seminar

Tuesday 12th April

3pm - 4pm

C318 & Online 

Gardening with the Sustainability Team

Thursday 14th April

12:30pm - 2pm

City's Walled Garden


Please email Kata (Student Engagement Administrator) at if you have any questions and see you at the events!