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Why should your School vote?

You’ve read how your vote can make the difference and what is in it for you. But what changes will affect your schools specifically, and what issues have been raised in each school for student leaders to take on? Have your say in what students are most concerned about and what’s done about it – make sure to vote!

Cass Business School

  • It’s nice to have lectures recorded, but is the quality good enough to use?
  • Three-hour gap between lectures? Sounds pretty annoying you can’t have your lectures closer together.
  • Do you want a more diverse range of work placements made available?

The City Law School

  • Have you got concerns about modules which have poor quality lecture capture or don’t record lectures at all?
  • What about timetabling issues where your lectures are blocked out together and you end up missing content because you don’t have enough time to get between them?
  • What about the date and time the exam timetable is released? Not early enough to plan your revision properly?

School of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Is there a delay in receiving feedback on your work?
  • Assessment deadlines too close together? Not enough time to make your coursework as good as you wanted it to be?
  • Have you had issues with the availability and quality of lecture capture?
  • Is the release of the exam timetable for undergraduates and postgraduates too late for you to prepare properly?

School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Are too many assignments due in the same week?
  • Moodle pages not updated with the correct instructions for your coursework?
  • Spending a lot of money on travelling to university for only one class in a whole day?

School of Health Sciences

  • Do you have consecutive lectures without an adequate break to get between lectures?
  • Do you want a clear assessment timeline?
  • Do you need more support with the assessments you have been given?


Do these issues sound familiar? Do you know someone who has struggled with some of the points outlined above? If your answer is yes, they you should absolutely get voting this election. Your elected Officers can campaign and lobby to create real change, on real issues that concern real students. City Students’ Union can make a real difference, but we need your support.



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