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We've secured a new storage space for all student groups!

Good news for all the student groups: We now have a new storage space which is bigger, safer, and more accessible to all!

Many of the student groups’ leaders have raised their concern with me about the awful state of the old storage facilities. I’ve heard about how the old storage room was inaccessible to many, possessed health & safety risks and was not of an adequate size considering the increased number of our student groups. When the old space was allocated to us many years ago, we had about 30 societies. This number has quadrupled within the past few years.

Therefore, I have been working with the Property and Facilities department within the University to find and secure a new storage space for our student groups. It’s taken some time, but I am pleased that a new storage facility has now been allocated to accommodate the needs of our student groups.

In addition, the University has committed to allocating an additional storage space in the next academic year to reflect the ever-increasing number of student groups. I will pass this project on to my successor Nazia Bharde, who I hope succeeds in helping achieve many more student wins in the upcoming year. #studentwins

Special shout out to Olesea Matcovschi and our colleagues in Property and Facilities.

Enjoy your new storage space!

For anyone with equipment or items in the old storage room, what I need from your groups is for you to either:

  1. Visit the current storage space and take your society belongings away with you
  2. Visit the current storage space and clearly label your society belongings with your society name, date, and a brief description of items in any boxes or packaging
  3. Or send me an email with a detailed listing of the things in the space that should be kept.

Failure to do one of these three things may result in your society belongings being destroyed. We’re going to be quite ruthless with this move due to the amount of stuff that’s piled up in that room, so this will be your only chance to save your stuff. We’ll be looking to complete the move in July.



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