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Sign up to be an Our Streets Now Higher Education Ambassador!


Did you know that 84% of students had experienced public sexual harassment, according to a survey done by Our Streets Now (OSN)? We developed our OSN ambassador scheme as our solution to these findings and need your help as students to make student life safer and more enjoyable on campus.

Our Streets Now is the nationwide campaign working to end public sexual harassment. Public sexual harassment refers to any incident of unwanted sexual attention in public spaces. Public space extends to streets, parks, gyms and university campuses too.

Alongside the legislative goal of making public sexual harassment a criminal offence, we strive for cultural change through education. The #StudentsNotObjects campaign brings this work to higher education institutions! The top priorities for change that this campaign identifies are raising awareness of public sexual harassment, providing better support for students and improving reporting platforms. Our growing network of higher education ambassadors work to call on their institution to enact these changes to ensure equal access to education, without the fear of harassment.

How can you get involved?

With 60+ ambassadors at 25+ institutions, our ambassadors have already achieved some amazing things such as:

  • Attended meetings with MPs and heads of other local organisations 
  • Created virtual maps to pinpoint harassment
  • Been featured in Vice and student magazines
  • Collected hundreds of testimonies 
  • Presented a Tedx talk
  • Created strong communities of students on social media who support the campaign

We have various resources that we provide ambassadors with. To include some, we’ve released our workshop in April 2021 and have template letters available to send to MPs and heads of institutions. We will support you throughout your campaigns too.

We are all volunteers at Our Streets Now and this role is flexible, you can do as much or as little as you want. We do expect commitment but we know that student life is always busy and if something comes up, that’s fine just let us know.


Think you might want to join the ambassador team? Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! There is no deadline to sign up.

(Please remember to check your spam/junk folders for emails from our account if you do apply!)