Society Autumn By-Election 2018 Results

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The City Students' Union Autumn 2018 By-Elections have now closed, and the following students have been appointed to the corresponding roles;

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association, President – Nafil Malik

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association, Finance Officer - Zain Mir

Bengali Society, President – Syed Zahir

Christian Union, President – Jo Oliver

Computer & Games Society, Communications Officer – Chloe Theophilou

Dance Society, Finance Officer – Shrina Sokhi

Economics Society, Finance Officer – Harry Bullman

French Speaking Society, Finance Officer – Gabrielle Ivernel

Girl Up Society, Communications Officer – Sophie Pascal

Kharis on Campus Society, Finance Officer – Jobor Adjayen

Kharis on Campus Society, Communications Officer – Glory Erigbuo

Mountaineering Club, Finance Officer – Cyryl Gotkowicz

Mountaineering Club, President – Rob Upson

Music Society, Finance Officer – Nika Gorodnicka

Pakistan Society, Finance Officer – Iffrah Fatima

Politics Society, Communications Officer – Cordelia Adoli

Radiography Society, Communications Officer – Eleanor Jones

Sikh Society, Communications Officer – Simran Kaur Chander

Society of Journalism, Communications Officer – Helen Ifeagwu

TEDX Society, Communications Officer – Kei Chan

TEDX Society, President  – Xubi Abduqadir


The following position has re-opened for voting for two weeks, due to a tie:

Debating Society, Finance Officer


The following societies have been unable to fill their vacant positions, and have therefore been closed down:

Bright Futures Society

City Labour Society

Electronic Society

Language Exchange Society

Nursing Society

Pole Dance Society

Shorinji Kempo Society


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