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Starting at City? Check out our top tips

Starting at university can be daunting. Where to start? What to do? So we at the Students’ Union have created a list of the five things which we think are the most important things for you to consider before you arrive to London.

1. Don’t buy your reading list straight away

If you’re like Hermione Granger, and will read every single book on your list before you start, then ignore this bit of advice. However, it’s unlikely that most of you will read much before you start.

Books can be very expensive, so our advice is wait until you start before buying any books. You may discover there are many reference books in the library, or you can buy them second hand and cheaper from second and third year students who don’t need them anymore.

2. Learn basic life skills to take care of yourself

If you’re very lucky, until now you’ve had your washing and cooking done for you. When you move to City you’ll be in charge of feeding yourself and doing your own washing. Make sure you know how to cook at least a few simple healthy and nutritious recipes. (Like this one or even this one). Also you don’t want to put that amazing new jumper into the wash only to find it returns a few sizes smaller. If you’ve already lived independently before coming, and have mastered these skills be prepared to become the superstar who everyone turns to for help!


3. Plan what you need

There’s no point in bringing pots and pans if you’re living in catered halls. There’s no point in planning to drive to university every day when there’s no parking available locally. So do some research and make plans on what you need and how to get to places. You may also want to check out what we have in the local area so you can plan things like banking (we have a Santander on campus). On a side note you may also want to prepare your fancy dress costumes for the Welcome Week Nights.


4. Accept your loved one’s generosity

Your family members or friends may want to spoil you just before you go to university. Accept their offers of help. Let them buy you cutlery and pans, let them give you money for books, let them get you whatever you will need, because as we’ve mentioned before things can be expensive. One thing you may want to convince them to buy for you is the Fresher’s Wristband which takes us nicely to our next point.


5. Buy a Freshers' Wristband

One thing that won’t be expensive is our Freshers' Wristband which gives you full access to all of our events during the welcome weeks. The two weeks are packed with fun activities and amazing events which is guaranteed to give you unforgettable memories for life. With the Freshers' Wristband you get at least a 15% discount on all the events, a free souvenir T-Shirt and queue jump at events.*


*T&Cs apply.