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Student Council Meeting - March 26th

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Calling all students! Here is the opportunity to bring changes you feel are needed at City.

The Student Council Meeting is coming up at 5pm till 6pm on Tuesday, 26th March. This is an opportunity for you to submit proposals to bring the changes you wish to see at City. The proposals will be debated at the meeting and then voted on by your elected Students Council Members to become policy of the Students Union. This can be any area that you strongly feel needs change.

 Previously students have debated on issues ranging from the removal of evening exams to the provision of halal food options at City.

The process is simple. Download a motion template from the City SU website and send your motion to The deadline for submission of motions is Thursday 21st March 5pm.  The motions will then be added to the agenda of the meeting and be debated on the day. So make sure you’re there to support your motion! Even if you’re not submitting a motion, the changes brought by this meeting will affect all City students including you! This is why it’s essential for everyone to attend and voice their views! We want to hear what policies you think, should or shouldn’t be adopted by the Students Union.

We look forward to hearing the changes you want to bring to your university. See you at 5pm on Tuesday, 26th March!


Dean Rowe
9:21am on 25 Mar 19 Make sure to spread the word as much as you can, this is an important opportunity for all of us
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