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Student Council – What's that?

Student Council – What's that?

As voting has just closed for the student council elections (congrats to all student councillors!), and with the Student Council Meeting coming up on Wednesday 17th of November, let’s talk about why we have a Student Council exactly and what is it that they do. However, before we get into it, let me invite you to the Student Council Meeting as it is open to all students of City and everyone is welcome, come and have a clue of what’s going on! Or get involved even more: Submit a motion! If you’re interested in how to do that, click here.


Why do we have a Student Council?

So that you, the students can have a say in what’s going on!

The Student Council is super high up in the hierarchy: they are the highest representational body of the Union who are only below the Board of Trustees, the people who have the ultimate responsibility for the governance, financial and strategic direction of the Students' Union.  That is serious business.


What does the Student Council do exactly?

They have the power to make policy and participate in debate, and only members of the Student Council can vote to make changes. So basically, they have the right and power to influence or make a decision about issues that are important to students at City. Moreover, they hold your Part-time and Full-time Officers accountable and question them about their actions and decisions.

Why is that important? Imagine a Students’ Union whereby the Part-time and Full-time Officers could do whatever they wanted. They had no one to stop them from passing their own policy, with complete disregard to the students they represent. Pretty scary, right? There is a reason why we don’t have such a system; to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of one group of individuals. It is to ensure we protect the needs and wants of all members of our Union and not to the few who are in a position of power.


Can you please provide some examples of policies that have been passed by the Student Council?

I’m glad you asked! Here are some of my favourites from the policies that have been passed by past Student Councils.

  1. Provision of Halal food options at all City, University of London outlets and City Students’ Union events
  2. The right to education without religious discrimination
  3. Removing Evening Exams
  4. This Union Opposes Islamophobia
  5. Signatory membership of United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Accord
  6. Transgender, Intersex and Gender Non-Conforming Facilities  


For more, visit this website:

So come and take a look for yourself and see how the Student Council Meeting works, participate in the debates, submit a motion, be part of the change! See you on the 17th!