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Student Groups Update: election results and funding news

Firstly, we want to say thank you to you, our student group committee, members, and volunteers for already making the 2019/20 year such a success for activities. We’ve had more active groups than ever before, and that’s all down to the hard work of our members – you!

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we carry out so much of our activity and affecting the many end-of-year events and celebrations that were due to occur, we want to update you on how we’re supporting groups while everyone stays at home. This includes our student group election results, important funding news, and changes to our democratic processes.

Student Group Elections – Results, numbers, next steps

On this page, you will find the results of our 2019/20 student group committee elections.

Over this election, 282 members nominated themselves for a role and an incredible 164 members were elected into student group roles – more than we’ve ever had in a student group election! All 160 will be given full training and support from the SU, and we hope that the 2020/21 academic year is an even bigger success for all the groups.

970 votes were cast across all positions, an incredible achievement given the fact that most of the voting period occurred while campus has been closed and members have been self-isolating.

There were also 34 roles where a member stood for election, but no votes were received. Under normal circumstances, these roles would be put up for by-elections, along with any roles where ‘Re-Open Nominations’ won the vote, and any roles that have remained outright vacant.

Instead of opening a by-election as soon as possible, we will be making anyone who has stood in a post which received no votes an Interim Committee Member. We know that there are many more important things going on in the world and want to make sure we are putting member welfare first. By standing for a role, we understand that these members want to be involved and commit to their group moving forward. We want to ensure we can acknowledge this and support all groups and individuals effectively over these next couple of months.

Interim Committee Members have been contacted about this change, and will be trained in order to get going in the role over the Summer. We will then run a by-election in Autumn 2020 to fill any interim roles and any roles that are vacant, and Interim Committee will be encouraged to nominate themselves.

Funding Update - bid for up to £200!

In light of the current pandemic, we still want to support student groups that wish to run online activity as opposed to the usual in-person events on campus. That’s why we’ve made funding available for all student groups for any ideas you have, to bring your members together (in whatever way you feel best), but in an online and different setting.

All groups can ask for up to £200 (and do get in touch if your idea might be more as this is just a guideline amount) for an idea/activity/opportunity to bring your members together. It all comes down to what you think would benefit your group and bring everyone together.

It could be some software or game licenses for online parties, fees for an external speaker to video chat with members, online consultancy from career firms, tickets to online conferences, or anything else you can think of.

There are three main principles the idea has to hit:

  • It must be relevant to your group and the core activity for why you exist
  • It focuses on bringing your members together and enhancing your community
  • It hits one of our core values of ‘listen, learn, lead’

The sky is the limit with your ideas and that’s why we’ve not set too many barriers - we just want to help your group in this challenging time.

If you’re interested, just email with what your idea is, some information on the above points and how much it will cost. After that, we can get the ball rolling and be in contact to get it off the ground!


From all at City SU, we hope you and your loved ones stay well and healthy - email if you have any questions about any of the above, or just want a chat!



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