Students' Union Awards 2017 - Winners Announced


Nominations for the 2017 Students' Union Awards have now closed. Thankyou to all who nominated students and student-led projects.
Nominations for the 2018 Students' Union Awards will take place in February 2018 via the Students' Union website.

Awards 2017: The winners & shortlist

Best New Society Award


Tech Society

Student Media Society

Pro Bono Society

“This year’s Best New Society have arranged a wide variety of events for student this year at City including courses, competitions, talks, workshops, and their flagship event seeing 140 students take part in an overnight hackathon to learn new skills and make new friends from other universities. They have showed dedication towards students from all subject backgrounds and welcome anyone and everyone”

Winner = Tech Society


Event Of The Year Award


Sports Night for Breast Cancer Now (Hockey Club & Psychology Society)

A Christmas Carol (Drama Society)

Mount Everest Stair Climb (Mountaineering Club)

“This event helped to re-invent a student society and reach more students, pushing boundaries further than ever before. Planning an executing a performance event of this complexity is difficult and demanding, requiring a huge amount of rehearsal and preparation, yet the team managed to pull it off cleanly in the first term. The event saw an audience of over 120 people, and raised significant funds both for the society and for a worthy charity. An example of student-led planning at its best”

Winner = A Christmas Carol (Drama Society)


Sustainability Project Award


RAG Clothes SWAP

KeepCups Project

City Food Coop

“This social enterprise was set up by a small group of dedicated students at City. Through hard work and enthusiasm they were successful in reaching the CitySpark marketplace final. The student-led business was voted a People's Choice winner and secured funding to help them sourcing ethical and environmentally sustainable food, whilst promoting and providing healthy snacks to students and staff at affordable prices”

Winner = City Food Coop


Best Contribution To Charity Fundraising Award


Mount Everest Stair Climb (Mountaineering Club)

Dig Deep

RAG Week for Winter 2016

“In an incredulous feat of willpower, selflessness and pure endurance these volunteers raced up 9000 meters' worth of staircases in the university, using the stunt to raise a lot of money for MIND in a single day. This creative charity project was a unique part of RAG Week 2016 and has helped to inspire the next generation of attention-grabbing RAG fundraising activities on campus.  The team have climbed a mountain of achievement, going above and beyond for the charitable cause”

Winner = Mount Everest Stair Climb


Most Improved Society Award


Madinah Society

Drama Society

LGBT Society

“The winners of this award went from an inactive group to a vibrant and forward thinking network, by running unique social events, pop culture quizzes, collaborations with other student groups, and charity fundraising. They have enthusiastically sought alternative ways to increase funding for their society and have recruited many new members becoming a vibrant community over the course of the year”

Winner = LGBT


Society Committee Member Of The Year Award


Curtis Gibson

Moazzma Arshad

Om-Kalthoom Bashumailah

“The winner of this award forms the beating heart of a brilliant faith society at City.  They are a generous, kind and friendly individual whose dedication, commitment and passion are the reason the group has grown in success. This society leader organises excellent events with complete commitment, is devoted to the society members and creates an engaging community atmosphere that is unique to City University”

Winner = Moazzma Arshad


Community Impact Award


Andrew Ridley

Zehra Khan

Adriana Danilako

“The award winner has been an outstanding elected officer who has led teams of volunteers to raise huge amounts of money for community and charitable causes, bringing City students together to improve the world around them, and spreading awareness of important issues. This student is a poster example of everything a city student can achieve in co-curricular activities”

Winner = Zehra Khan


Student Leader Of The Year Award


Naz Altinok

Alexis Skitini

Ashiv Malde

It's amazing to consider all of the things one student can achieve in a year. They've been an active student council member, volunteered for RAG, organised multiple charity events, worked as a student representative and also confidently led one of City Students' Union best societies, and the quality of their work is just as impressive as the quantity. This student displays all of the traits of a good leader; instilling inspiration, pulling together a team to work towards the same goals, pro-actively communicating, and so much more”

Winner = Naz Altinok


Vice President Activities & Development’s Award

This year the awards panel insisted on adding a special award, to recognise a particular student for their impressive and exemplary contribution to student activities and development.

“This student has been a dedicated and relentless society organiser who has led their society to be one of the biggest and best of City's student groups. In addition to handling this responsibility like a pro, they've volunteered in many other Students' Union activities, from charity fundraising initiatives to Freshers Week events. They go well beyond the call of duty and creatively organise other students for maximum community impact, coaching and inspiring student volunteers across the spectrum of student activities. City will miss you!”

Winner = Alexis Skitini


 Society Of The Year Award


Krishna Consciousness Society

Mountaineering Society

Psychology Society

“This society has been consistently outstanding this academic year. From hosting various socials and events for their members, they have been consistently engaged and motivated to make their society successful. Their highlight was launching a new journal, the first of its kind. This took considerable time and effort and involved constructive student-staff collaboration with an academic department. They are a model academic society and form a great example for other societies to learn from”

Winner = Psychology Society


Students' Union Colours 2017

Students awarded with Students' Union colours are shown to have demonstrated exemplary voluntary work and achievement in support of Students' Union projects during 2016-17 academic year. There are three levels of Students' Union Colours, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


Bronze Colours

Bronze Colours demonstrates an strong and creditable commitment to at least one Students' Union project, such as for example being proactively involved in Student Societies, RAG Projects, Student Media, Student Council, or Students' Union events in a skilled and praiseworthy manner, or being an excellent Programme Representative or Freshers Rep. 

Aamir Rafiq

Hazera Ali

Peter Simon

Abid Soomro

Irena Arslanova

Prema Ber

Aisha Iqbal

Iulia-Andreea Pan

Rachel Preston

Amaar Raja

Jade Buckley

Ramsha Nadeem

Amit Ram

Jasmin Matharu

Sabreena Jamal

Ana-Maria Yanakieva

Jonny Flint

Samantha Mather

Anish Vekaria

Joseph Phoenix

Samita Bathija

Ashwin Salhotra

Junaid Mangerah

Sarah Aboukdoud

Awadh Bashumailah

Kaidy Matsina

Shriya Malik

Ayesha Herath

Karam Kaur

Shrutika Gandhi

Bilal Tahir

Kien Hoang

Sophie Thomas

Billy Moore

Lathusha Thiruchelvam

Tasnima Uddin

Carlvin Quejado

Lesley Bureau

Tuna Kunt

Damien Aguirre

Lindsay Greenhouse

Umadevi Dassaye

Daniel Mark Galanza

Maivish Mehmood

Victoria Cross

Fatema Dhanani

Maria Michailidou

Vidhya Ravichandran

Flandra Abdullahu

Max McCarthy

Yulia Gaydar

Gurkavel Mahli

Meghana Sontenam

Zain Siddiqi

Hao Ta

Meriam Zafar

Zarka Hasan Khan

Haroon Jamil

Natasha Khan

Zima Ahmed

Hazel Ting


Zulkaif Riaz


Silver Colours

Silver Colours demonstrates a substantial and impressive commitment to Students' Union projects, often seen across multiple areas of Students' Union activity, such as for example being an active and dedicated student council member and also leading a worthy society, whilst demonstrating significant leadership qualities, or perhaps being an enthusiastic and selfless advocate for the Students' Union across Freshers Rep and Programme Representative roles.

Andrei Gavrila

Eugenio Vaccari

Rebecca-Zara Vogwell

Andrew Ridley

Fatema Dhanani

Rita Méndez Gil

Antonia Laura Sandu

Helen Watts

Sharneka Kumarakulasingam

Anushka Gupta

Jake Kendle

Tanzyla Khan Tareen

Charlotte Donelly

Jawaad Ashraf

Tracey Booth

Constantine Moldovanov

Lucie Repova

Veronika von Manz

Eleanor Barns-Graham

Madeline Smith

Viveak Vadivelkarasan

Elena Uderzo

Nathan Olliverre

Zahra Ahmed

Elliot Dallas

Olesea Matcovschi



Gold Colours

Gold Colours is an extremely high accolade reserved for students who have gone far beyond the call of duty in their volunteering and shown tremendous commitment and dedication to multiple areas of Students' Union activity, demonstrating substantial leadership qualities and exemplifying achievements amongst the best that students are capable of reaching with their extra-curricular work. A student presented with Gold Colours will have innovated and led projects, events, or communities at the university and tirelessly worked to achieve impressive goals, whilst also helping and inspiring other students along their way.

Alexis Skitini

Om-Kalthoom Bashumailah


Ashiv Malde

Paula Poniatowska


Naz Altinok

Zehra Khan



City Students' Union Awards Evening - 3rd April 2017

The Students' Union's 22nd annual awards ceremony took place in The Great Hall on Monday 3rd April 2017, with reception in CityBar. This event recognised students at City, University of London, for co-curricular activities including societies and volunteering, and many other categories. 

See the Event Page: