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Students' Union Elections are coming...

Helping you to stand out from the crowd

The Leadership Elections 2020 are around the corner, and we’re serious about making sure you get the most out of it – with all the information you need and development sessions. To find out if it’s for you, have a careful read of the information below during the Holiday season.

Clear benefits if you stand

  • Get great experience employers are looking for
  • Build your confidence and develop your skills
  • Make the University better for your mates

Take a step

Nominations open on Monday 18 January – when you can put yourself forward for a position, and you could even be paid to represent students. Or do you think your friend would be super good? You will be able to recommend a friend too.

Available opportunities

Get paid and work full time leading the Students' Union with our Full-Time positions, or continue your studies with our voluntary Part Time positions.

Stand now, campaign in February, and you'll take office from the 1 July. To understand more about these roles, please read the role descriptions below:

Vice President Community & Wellbeing
Vice President Education

Societies Officer
RAG Officer
Student Media Officer
Sports Officer
Ethics & Environmental Officer
Disabled Students Officer
LGBT Officer 
International Students Officer
Black and Minority Ethnic Students Officer

Academic Interest Officers
Postgraduate Rep

Alternatively, you can come along to our ‘How can a leadership role support your future career’ session in term 2 and obtain a better understanding:

  1. Why is this position for you?
  2. How these roles can help your future career –
  3. How to get this position?

Details of the sessions can be found below:

  • 21 January – 13:00 to 13:45
  • 26 January – 16:00 to 16:45
  • 27 January – 9:10 to 9:55
  • 29 January – 13:00 to 13:45

To sign up to an event, visit our What’s On page here



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