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Study Spaces around London


The term is coming to an end but we still have two more weeks to go. We put together a nice list of study spaces all around London so you can still focus in the next upcoming weeks and even in your winter break on your essays, exams and assignments!


The British Library

The British Library is located near St Pancras in London and has one of the world’s greatest book collections. All you need is a free Reader Pass to use the facilities, you can find more information on the British Library’s website:


Barbican centre

If you want to study somewhere SUPER close to City but not on campus, this is the place for you. The Barbican Centre is an arts centre which holds music concerts ranging from classical to contemporary music, as well as art exhibitions, theatre performances and film screenings. It is also famous for its Brutalist architecture. It has free Wifi and its café in the central courtyard has outdoor seating area and a pond, which makes an amazing study space.



The Waterstones cafes are a must if you need a nice study space with wonderful books around you. My favourite one is on Gower Street, check it out! And yes, it’s okay if you want to buy three more books even if you haven’t yet read the last three you bought.



Yumchaa is located in Soho and is famous for students being their main customers. With its big spacious tables, it’s great for some groupwork! And also, don’t forget to taste their wonderful teas, because what is better than a nice tea in these cold dark evenings?


On campus spaces

And finally, let’s not forget the effective study spaces we have on campus! We have silent as well as quiet study spaces in both the Northampton Square Library and the Business Library, but our personal favourite is the Relaxing Study Spaces in the Student Common Room and quiet study space in College Building!


We hope this article helps you find the perfect study space, good luck, take care and keep up the good work!