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Study Well Term 1

Last academic year, during Student Members’ Meeting, students asked the Students’ Union to run study well activities all-year round. You have also mentioned the need for more revision workshops on specific areas related to your course.

This year we are ready to deliver - Study Well is back and more relevant to you than ever before.

We have planned a few workshops for Term 1 – such as dissertation support, managing stress, leadership skills and networking skills. We believe these workshops will make you less stressed, more confident and more employable once you graduate.

As the workshops have been extremely well attended, we have also been collaborating with the Academic Skills team to organise more revision session (click on the name of the webinar to access the sign-up form).

·       Thurs 26th November, 1pm - Reflective writing: how to approach this unique assignment format (If you have an assignment that specifically calls for reflective writing then this session is for you.  We will look at models and strategies for this unique academic format.)

·       Monday 30th November, 1pm - Drawing to revise: mind maps, concept mapping and visualisation (Tired of reading your notes to revise? Want to try something different? This workshop will explore how to make diagrams and images to revise more effectively.)

·       Tuesday 8th December, 1pm - Effective revision strategies (More multisensory tips to make your revision more effective. We will discuss a variety of strategies for your upcoming assessments and exams.)

·       Thursday 10th December, 1pm - Techniques for (online) exams (Participants will learn how to prepare effectively for an online exam and what to do on the day of the exam.  We will look at some suitable time management techniques and active revision methods.)       

The Counselling, Mental Health and Accessibility team shared some online resources created specifically for City students, such as mindfulness audios created and articles on how to recognise and manage stress, managing exam anxiety and techniques to reduce stress. We will keep on updating our Mind Resources Hub.  

We are now planning even more activities for Term 2 to ensure you are well prepared for the assignments ahead. If you would like to suggest ideas (for online resources, fun/revision activities) for Term 2, please email



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