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Studying at Postgraduate Taught level? Autumn Elections 2020

So you’ve already done your first degree and hey, you may have even finished your second degree but right now you are studying at postgraduate level at City, University of London. Here are some key reasons why you should apply for the Postgraduate Taught Representative position.

1. You go the extra mile.

Everyone has an undergraduate degree but not everyone has a master’s degree or higher. But you do. Your tenacity to go out there and achieve more is the kind of ruthless energy and can-do attitude that this Students’ Union needs.


2. You stand out from the crowd already- why stop there?

As we’ve established, very few graduates hold a master’s qualification which means you already have the upper hand when it comes to applying for jobs. But why stop there? Why don’t you demonstrate to potential employers that not only were you concerned about your own postgraduate studies but also about the welfare of your fellow students and the sense of community at City? Holding one of the positions stated above will exhibit initiative, strong communication, leadership and the ability to manage several tasks at once whilst maintaining the highest of standards. If I were you, I’d consider myself already employed.


3. You could bring about so much positive change.

City has over 9000 postgraduate students including both taught and research students. You could be the one to represent them and make sure their needs, wants and issues are heard in the Union and the University. You will be in such a good position to drive any campaign you may wish to pursue. It would be very cool to leave a lasting impact on the academic institution you studied at. Be the change you want to see.


4. It really doesn’t take take that much time.

The role description states that the time commitment is only ‘3-5 meetings per term, plus flexible volunteer hours’. Couldn’t say fairer than that.


5. Who knows where the position could lead to?

The subject you study at university can consume your life, so it’s important to maintain other interests and hobbies outside of your course. Working as a Postgraduate Taught or Research Representative you will experience a wide array of activities from campaigning and event planning to networking events and award ceremonies. In 2019, the Executive Committee of the Union got to meet Meghan Markle personally…. So whilst you may be set on a career right now, it’s always great to have experience in another area because you never know where it will lead.


See more information about the Autumn Elections 2020 here. Don’t hesitate, nominate yourself today.

*Nominations close: Friday 16th October 16:59hrs.


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