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The 2019 Leadership Elections are here! Take Action

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The 2019 Leadership Elections are here and there are various positions you as a City, University of London student and member of the Union can run for; including paid Full Time positions and Part Time positions. All offer great leadership and training sessions, huge personal opportunities, and all will put you ahead of the rest when applying jobs.

The Roles:

Full Time Officer Positions:

There are three available: they include President, Vice President Activities and Development and Vice President Education.

If you would like to be face of the Students’ Union, sit on University Council and Senate and ensure the student voice is heard at the very top of the University then you may want to consider running for President.

 If you want to lead on the fun, help support students to run a wide range of activities and help make them more employable you want to consider running for Vice President Activities and Development.

If you want to ensure students have better resources for their studies, all courses have representation and issues are dealt with effectively then you may want to consider running for Vice President Education.

Part Time Officer Positions:

There are three types: they include Academic Interest Officers, Liberation Officers and Special Interest Officers

If you would like to work with your school to tackle affecting students, represent students on committees and work with colleagues to ensure that the student voice is effectively represented at the highest level and feedback is acted upon, then why not consider standing for an Academic Interest Officer role also known as School Representative Officer. Additionally you may want to stand to specifically represent Postgraduate students. If so, you may want to stand for a Postgraduate Representative Role.

If you are passionate about representing City’s under-represented students, running campaigns, events and activities to bring students together and ensure they are fairly treated then why not stand for one of five Liberation Officer Role. The five positions available include Black and Minority Ethnic Officer, Disabled Students Officer, International Students’ Officer, LGBT+ Officer and Women’s Officer.

If you are interested in sustainability, sports or fundraising and want to work on one of these areas with the Students’ Union and University and get students engaged then why not consider standing for a Special Interest Officer role. The three positions available are: Ethics and Environmental Officer, Sports Officer and Raising and Giving Officer (RAG).


If you are successful as a candidate, then you will benefit in a number of ways. Your actions, with great support, will help to shape the Union and the University, you will gain employability skills, obtain meeting experience, join a community of students in interested in improving things for City students and most of all have FUN.


If you want to take the chance and run for one of the positions then nominate yourself. It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

All details on how to nominate yourself can be found on the elections site. Be quick because nominations will open and close before you know it!

Key dates

Nominations Period:

Open – 14th January 2019 at 12pm

Close – 21st February 2019 at 12pm

Voting week (Online only):

Open – Friday 8th March at 12pm

Close- Thursday 14th March at 12pm

Results – Friday 15th March at 5pm

For information on dates relating to election sessions, additional key dates and key documents please visit:

Any questions can be put to our expert at


Stand now, run in March, and you’ll take officer from the 1st of July (You can only choose one position to stand for)


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