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This is who you've chosen to represent you!

 A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing students who ran, voted and helped us out with our Leadership Elections 2018! 

We're so glad that so many of you took the time to vote (3545 of you to be exact) and it was great to see some fantastic campaigns from candidates. 

Congratulations to those elected. Our new officers will take office and represent you for a year from July 2018. 

To those who weren't elected - every single one of you did a campaign to be proud of and I'm sure you'll agree that you've all gained a lot from it. There are plenty of other ways to get involved with City Students' Union so get in touch! 

Part-time Officers:

Edward Armitage : Sports Officer
Fatema Dhanani : Raising and Giving Officer
Danil Kocherga : International Students’ Officer
Annette Yunus Pendrey : Ethics and Environmental Officer
Maxime Comminge : LGBT Officer
Tarah Ouegnin : Women’s Officer
Surra Mehdi : BME Students’ Officer
Ruqaiyah Javaid : SRO: Health Sciences
Abdul Khokhar : SRO: Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering 
Maimuna Bushale : SRO: Arts and Social Sciences
Ricky Emery : SRO: City Law School
Egor Chetverikov : SRO: Cass Business School 

Full-time Officers:

Tuna Kunt : Vice President Education
Nazia Bharde : Vice President Activities & Development 
Kristina Perelygina : President


Our full breakdown of the results is available below 

The PDF includes a full run-down of the results including individual vote counts. 

View it here




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