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Time to cast your vote!

Our Spring Leadership Elections are upon us and our candidates are in, which means we now need you to vote for the candidates that best represent your wants and needs. Here are some reasons why you should care. 

Vote here.

  • Your voice matters – Vote Online!


To create change, you have to be involved. You have to do it yourself. Ensure that your views and the issues you care about such as online learning, assessment and feedback, access to technology, student isolation and personal tutor support are being raised at the appropriate committees by casting your vote online (log in as a student using your university login) between the 22nd until the 25th of February.

There are 20 elections you for President, two Vice Presidents, School Representative Officers, Postgraduate Officers, Liberation Officers and Special Interest Officers. In order to vote for the Liberation Officers, you’ll have to self-identify on the website.

  • Time to decide!


Your candidates have created manifestos which outline who they are and what they want to achieve if elected - priorities on wellbeing, academic issues and general improvement of university services. You can read these manifestos online on the candidate page or on the elections booklet.

  • Candidate Question time!


The candidates for the 2021 Elections are revealed, you can see them here, but now it's over to you... who is it that you're going to hire? Who's getting your vote to be the next President, VP Education & VP Community and Wellbeing? Join us on Monday for the Big Interview to hear from candidates running for these roles, for you to make your own hiring decision. Book your free ticket here.

  • Use your preferences

Not quite sure which of the candidates to vote for each role? Use your preferences. Mark your favourite candidate as your first choice, then mark your second, third and fourth and so on favourites accordingly.

If nobody receives above the required quota of votes in the first round, these second/third/fourth preference votes will be shared amongst the remaining candidates, and can be crucial in deciding an election. Still confused? Watch our video here.

  • Meet RON


If you don’t identify with any of the candidates, there's another option. Each election includes an option to Re-Open Nominations, or RON. If RON wins an election, the election will be held again, with a further opportunity for students to nominate themselves and vote. 

  • Not convinced? Enter the prizes!


Fancy a brand-new Apple MacBook, a Nintendo Switch and Apple AirPods? Well, we’re giving away just that. The more people that vote, the more prizes are won. But, make sure you get your vote in early and you’ll increase your chances of winning!

It’s pretty simple, when we reach these number of votes, we’ll raffle off these prizes:

  • 500 Votes – 10 x Anker Bluetooth Speakers (already delivered)
  • 1000 Votes – 3 x Instax Mini Cameras and Film (already delivered)
  • 1500 Votes – 2 x Home Office Set Up’s
  • 2000 Votes – 5 x Apple Airpods with Charging Case 2nd Gen
  • 2500 Votes – Nintendo Switch Package with Mario Cart, Zelda and Pokemon
  • 3000 Votes – Apple MacBook Air 2020, 13 Inch

You’ll get your Papa John’s code as soon as you have voted and we’ll be raffling off prizes as soon as we hit the vote targets!

Vote here.



Referendum Announcement

This is a notice that City Students' Union shall be holding a referendum vote from Monday 22 - Thursday 25 March 2021.

Mon 01 Mar 2021

Election Results Delayed

Fri 26 Feb 2021
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