TuesdayRecommendations (Study Well)

TuesdayRecommendations - Study Well

Ellie Foulger (Disabled Student’s officer) - my recommendations for lockdown happiness!

We are into our 7th week of lockdown and entertainment is getting hard to find, so here is just a few things that I have been enjoying. First, we will start with shows, while I study I love to have a TV show or film on in the background. Lately I have been re-watching some classic shows on Netflix that everybody knows and loves: Gossip girl, You, Stranger Things and How I met Your Mother. I personally find that having a show in the background while I study helps me to relax but is not too distracting from my work. Film wise I have fallen in love with everything on Disney+. I have been binging all of the classic Disney films such as ratatouille, Hercules, Brother Bear and Wall-e, they are all nostalgia central! As a family we have also been making our way through the 9 Star Wars films finishing with Rise of Skywalker on May 4th (Happy Star Wars day!). The Star Wars films are extremely good to watch as there is a really nice balance of good cinematic content and laughable dialogue and awkward acting (we are all looking at you awkward prequels).  

I have also been enjoying a lot of playlists and podcasts lately too! I primarily use Spotify but many of the podcasts are also available on Youtube or Itunes. I have been working my way through the True Georide podcast. This will not be up everyone’s alley but is a good mix of news, sports, media and conspiracy podcasts with a range of guests like Eddie Hall, David Icke and Doc Antle from Tiger King. On top of that I have been watching the Happy Hour Podcast which runs in the same vein but has a less structured feel. In terms of music I personally like to browse through the charts on Spotify for any new music, the release radar and personal playlists are also good for this. If I am doing something that demands more attention but I still want to find new music I will use Spotify Radios! These play a lot of songs you already have liked or added to playlists and will add occasional new songs in there.

Outside of studying I entertain myself with painting which is my personal way to relax. If I ever want to zone out, I use Tik Tok to find trends to do for fun! There are many trends to complete such as photography, exercise and dance.  I have also been learning British Sign Language through Youtube using the channels Commanding Hands and The Deaf Academy. I have also slowly been using Duolingo to advance in learning French and German.

That’s all my recommendations for now but I am sure Ill find more as lockdown continues. Stay Safe everyone!