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Want my job?

Yo hey! Yep you there – how are you?

Would you like my job? Let me tell you a bit about it and then you can go ahead and nominate yourself because it’s a really cool job.

As a full time officer, you get to run campaigns about things you are passionate about! These could be anything from sexual health to lecture capture, LGBTQ+ History Month to changing assessment regulations. I’m sure there are things you want to change or improve at City – could be academic stuff, student finance, social life, facilities or a million other things. As the President of City Students’ Union, you have the power and opportunities to make positive change at City!

Do some soul-searching, I know that there are things popping into your mind already – I’m sure there are things that you would like to improve for the next generations of City students – here is your chance!

It is also an absolutely incredible personal development opportunity. You get to network with incredible people, both from within and outside City, improve your public speaking, advocate for your members, run campaigns and do all sorts of career-building development. Half of my CV is about my time as VP Education and the other half about my year as President. I talk about my SU responsibilities at every job application, interview and networking conversation. Being a full time officer is great for your future career (whatever that is)!

Now that you have made up your mind about running to be the next Union leader, you just have to decide which position to go for – click here to read all about the roles. You could be our next VP Education or VP Community & Wellbeing or perhaps our next President!



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Wed 21 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Assessment Update: City’s Mitigations explained

As the pandemic continues City has decided on a series of mitigations to ensure that students are not disadvantaged throughout their assessments. Many of you will be familiar with the term No Detriment, but what does this term actually mean?

Mon 19 Apr 2021
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