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We just increased societies' funding by £13,000

Societies are the heart of City’s Student Union: it is the best way to get involved with university experience, meet new people, develop new skills and of course, have fun at City.

In January 2017, the Students’ Union began discussions for an increased block grant. The block grant is the money the University gives the Students’ Union each year to run its activities.

We approved the funding plan on our Board of Trustees, and submitted our proposals to the University. Convinced we’d made the right choice, they agreed to fund it.

It’s a huge increase to what our societies are able to access. Last year it was only £7,000 in total, and we’ve increased it by £13,000.

While I was running for the position of Vice-President Activities & Development, a number of students expressed concerns that there are not enough society events happening around the university and when talking to society’s leaders, I found out that there are many contributory factors such as lack of training and limited funding. There are societies out there which who put on very successful events such as the Law Society, Midwifery Society, Psychology Society and many more utilising very limited resources in a constructive way. However, the main issue I found out for the societies was funding which was at £7,000 in 2016 for 70 Societies which prevented them to work at their full potential.

This change has been transformational, and I’m so excited to see what our societies are now able to do.